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March 2016-Interview with Marcella Lyles, Founder of The Skin Hunger Project
Discussing the film and the issues surrounding touch and cuddling

Feb 2016-Interview on Birmingham Talk Radio WERC 105.5 FM
Discussing cuddling movement in Birmingham w/ Amy McKnight and Tracy Gilliom

Nov 2015-Appearance On Movie Geeks United Podcast
Discussing upcoming December 1 release of the film

Nov 2014-Interview with “Atlanta’s Chosen Time”
Y’Allywood Film Festival Appearance

Sep 2014-Appearance on Kansas City
Public Radio Show “Central Standard”

Aug 2014-Article written for Desktop Documentaries (Website)

Aug 2014-Interview with “Waking Up In America”- Tajci Cameron

June 2014 Press Release: Original song written for feature documentary
CUDDLE as it finishes post production (pdf)

Feb 2014 Interview with Ali C at “Cuddle U NYC” (Website)

Nov 2013 Press Release: Award Winning Birmingham Filmmaker
Jason O’Brien announces new feature documentary
CUDDLE now shooting in five locations around the country

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